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Ensure Excellent Indoor Air Quality by Having Clean Air Ducts

Sometimes, we tend to become too busy that we forget to do some of the most important household chores, such as keeping the air ducts of our HVAC system clean. You might not realize the importance of having excellent indoor air quality now, but when the time comes that you or any member of your family gets sick due to the dust and debris in your HVAC system, only then will you realize the importance of getting the air ducts cleaned.
There is no need to worry for you do not actually need to do the cleaning yourself. We at Indoor Air Care can provide air duct cleaning services for you and we will make sure that all those dusts, debris, and other things that have accumulated in it will be totally removed. We truly understand the importance of having a clean and comfortable home and this can only be made possible if we keep our HVAC system clean as well.

Why Do We Need to Clean the Air Ducts?

As mentioned, dirt, debris and dusts could easily accumulate in your air ducts if you will not clean it regularly. What’s worse is that mice and some rodents will linger on your HVAC system and will turn it into a breeding place. As a result, harmful bacteria and fungi will spread through your air and will certainly degrade your indoor air quality.
This is often the reason why you or any of your family members will suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory illnesses. If you hire us for air duct cleaning, we will ensure that the quality of air inside your home will be improved. Aside from cleaning your air ducts and removing any infestation of rodents in there, we will apply sanitizers on your HVAC system so the bacteria and other harmful substances will not spread into your home.

When Do You Need your HVAC System Cleaned?

So when is the best time to have your HVAC system cleaned? The moment you notice some small clogs and molds on your air ducts, you should call us immediately so we can do the necessary cleaning on your HVAC system.
You might think that you can pretty much handle the task yourself, but it’s not as easy as you think it is. Removing molds, debris, and most especially bacteria would require professional help. We at Indoor Air Care are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment and we even make use of EPA approved sanitizers in disinfecting your HVAC system. We will not leave your home unless your air ducts are totally cleaned and your indoor air quality is greatly improved.

What Could Affect your Indoor Air Quality?

Others might not take professional duct cleaning seriously thinking that this is just a big waste of money. But you will actually end up spending more money if the quality of your air indoors will degrade.
Bacteria could easily spread inside your home which will make you or your family sick. Here are the things that could affect your indoor air quality:
Visible mold growth on your air duct – these molds could lead to fungal growth and will eventually spread on your HVAC system and could get into the air that gets in and out of your HVAC.
Clogged dusts and debris – if your air ducts are clogged with dusts and debris, you will likely be able to breathe on these and will trigger some respiratory illnesses.
Rodent infestations – rodents love to linger on your HVAC system due to the cold temperature and eventually they will leave some droppings that could greatly affect your indoor air quality.

What Can We Do To Help You?

When you call us to inquire about our air duct cleaning services, we will visit your place and do the necessary inspection on your air ducts. After we determine the issue, we will immediately start cleaning your air duct system and remove all those substances that have caused your indoor air to degrade.
We are well knowledgeable on all these tasks so you can be assured that we will be able to clean up your air ducts well. After we are done with our job, we will apply some sanitizers in order to kill the germs and bacteria and improve your indoor air quality.
We can also schedule a regular maintenance and cleanup for your HVAC system if you are satisfied with our job. Just send us an inquiry and we will attend to your every need.
Aside from improving your indoor air quality, another reason why you should get your air ducts cleaned regularly is to avoid any unnecessary rise in electricity consumption. Remember that if your air ducts are not cleaned, your HVAC system will be inefficient and this will demand more electricity than the usual.